We have been supplying the world with practical products for baking ever since 1928. Our products make the baker’s work easier while enhancing the appearance of the finished product.

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Launching of the new website

Finally, the new website is up! With the fresh new face and the original Siluett-spirit our website is ready to inspire you! You can discover more about our company, our philosophy, our new products, updates and many more.

You can easily search and find the right products here. This website is also optimized for your tablet and smart phone.
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New series – The Natural

An increasing demand for eco-friendly and back to basic products from our consumer has inspired us to launch the new series ‘The Natural’. The Natural series material is made from golden unbleached natural greaseproof paper.

By natural, we mean we don’t use chlorine and added Fluor chemical in our paper. Moreover the paper comes from sustainable Swedish forest, so the products have less environmental footprints and is safe for our kids and family!

The perfect golden brown shade is not only irresistibly classic, its neutral color lifts up the appearance of any pastry and cake!

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