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Our customers in the baking industry set special demands on us as a partner. They want baking cups with excellent release properties, and which also enable efficient handling at high speeds. We think this is a great challenge, especially since we can meet it, and all the other requests that industrial bakeries set for our products.

Our knowledge solves yourrequirements and wishes

We know the realities of an industrial bakery. We have built up extensive knowledge over the years that we have been a partner and supplier to the industry. Our products meet the requirements of high and consistent quality. We adapt the products to the production line so that the entire production process runs smoothly. Moreover, it is comforting for our customers to know that we are part of a major global group. It gives us really great resources to solve both current and future requirements you have the right to demand of us.

Design your own baking cup

When you want to give your customers a bit extra, choose a baking cup with its own special design. It shows that you care about the small details that together create a unique and distinct whole. You can choose to use any of the designed shapes that are already in our range, or simply create a new design that is uniquely you. We will happily assist you with ideas and suggestions.

Please let us know and we’ll start working on some ideas.

Company-branded products with your own logo

What’s left once your great cake or bun has been eaten up? Well, the baking cup, tray or cake paper that made serving easier and neater. At that stage, you really want your consumer to know who baked it. The easiest way to promote your business is to print your logo on the baking cup, tray or paper. Imagine what the guests at the party will say:

“Oh, what a fantastic cake, who made it?”

Company-branded products generate more customers in the long term. We promise.

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