Baking paper and greaseproof paper

Siluett offers a broad range of baking paper, with three different grades for all types of application:
Eco Bake: a highly affordable and totally chrome-free baking paper of high quality. Good baking release and excellent durability when heated. We recommend Eco Bake for single use.
Silicone: a chlorine-free paper of very high quality and exceptional release properties. Can be reused several times.
Gastronorm Silicone: a totally chlorine-free specialty paper with silicone coating and dimensions designed for catering ovens.

Greaseproof paper
Our greaseproof paper is grease-repellent and has many areas of use. It is very well suited for cold buffets or as paper cones for decorating cakes. You can order our greaseproof paper both in rolls and sheets.

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