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We have been supplying the world with practical products for baking ever since 1928. Our products make the baker’s work easier while enhancing the appearance of the finished product.


Baking cups (in lots of different models) are our big bestsellers. In addition to baking cups we also manufacture cake trays, doilies and dish paper, baking and greaseproof paper and a lot of other products. Our head office and our production are in Kristinehamn, Sweden. The entire process takes place there, from development and design to manufacturing.

Our owners are Novacart Group, a strong industrial group with over 700 employees in Sweden, Italy, France, the UK and the United States.

Our business conceptthe baker’s best friend

The goal of our work is clear: we aim to be the best in baking cups, cake trays, doilies and dish paper and all the other products in our range. Being the best means several things for us:

  • We should always have such a good understanding of our end-customers’ business that we, together with our distributors, can deliver the right product, in the right volume and of course at the right time.
  • We will always encourage positive development in the environmental field with the producers we do business with.
  • Our product range shall always be broad enough, so that you can always find the right product.
  • We aim to be a leader in the industry in the development of new models, materials and design.

Do you also want to be one of ourdistributors?

Most of the sales of our products to the professional market go through our distributors. Happily, this market is growing all the time, so if you are interested in becoming one of our distributors, just get in touch with us. Together we will find a form of cooperation that benefits Siluett, you, and not least all the bakeries and cafes that want to improve their business.

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Anno 1928Our history

We started doing business in 1928 under the name of Stockholm Tårtpappersfabrik. In 1964 we made a big expansion effort and moved the business to Kristinehamn. Over the years, we have had different owners and gone through some name changes.

  • In 1991 we changed our name to Nordia in connection with becoming part of the Duni Group.
  • Novacart Group became our new owners in 2001 and we took back the name Siluett. Our core business has basically remained the same over the years – to provide paper-based products to bakeries and shops. The development of our baking cups business has been incredible in the 2000s. Increasing requests for nicely designed baking cups is a fantastic and enjoyable challenge for us. Our successful efforts to combine design, user friendliness and environmental concerns have made us the leading supplier in the industry.


Virtually all our products are made of paper, which is a natural and recyclable material. Our paper is manufactured here in our neighbourhood completely without chemical additives. The raw material comes from Swedish forests, which are responsibly managed and renewed in accordance with sustainable forestry methods.

Renewal in Sweden’s forests is greater than the amount of felling, so there is a net growth of the forest.

Our printed baking cups are approved by the national food agency and adapted for use in the bakery environment in terms of both high heat and efficient industrial management. This is normal for us, but unfortunately not for all the manufacturers on the market.

Siluett is part ofNovacart Group

Since 2001, we at Siluett are a part of the large Novacart Group. It feels safe and good to be a key part of a company whose core business is to produce and sell paper and paperboard products for the bakery industry. Novacart Group has production facilities in nine countries and our products are sold in approximately 85 countries. Together we have a turnover of EUR 150 million and approximately 750 employees.

Learn more about Novacart at www.novacart.com.


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