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New Products 2024

We have some new fresh products on stock for the new year of 2024!

Flower cups in two sizes, regular and mini in fresh two colored steady greaseproof paper.

check here :https://www.siluett.se/produkt/flower-2/

Tulip cups in two sizes, regular and mini in golden greaseproof paper for rustic natural appearance.

check here : https://www.siluett.se/produkt/natural/

Square cups for your personal portion friendy bake goods.

Contact us for more information!

Summer opening hours 2023

Summer Holiday 2023

The holiday is fast approaching, therefore we would like to inform you about our summer holiday planning.

  Week 28 Week 29 Week 30 Week 31
Office Open with limited staff
Warehouse Open with limited staff
Production Close Close Close Close


For non-stock items, please place your order as soon as possible, order which we receive before week 22 can most likely be delivered before the holiday period . Order we receive after week 23 will be delivered after the holiday period.

Please note, we have limited staff under week 29 and 30 in the office and warehouse.

We wish you a good summer.



Swedish Cinnamon Bun

Traditional Swedish Cinnamon bun recipe


On picture Miss Autumn 90×25 mm , 701674 

(Please note that there may be as many cinnamon bun recipes as there are bakers out there – this is just one version.)


(25 buns)
35 g (1¼ oz) yeast
100 g (3½ oz) sugar
300 ml (1½ cup) milk
1 egg
120 g (4 oz) butter
1 tsp salt
1 tbs ground cardamom
750 g (26 oz) flour

100 g (4 oz) butter
50 g (2 oz) sugar
2 tbs cinnamon

Glaze (optional):
1 egg
2 tbs water
pearl sugar


Crumble the yeast in a bowl and stir in a few tablespoons of milk. Melt the butter and pour the milk on it. Add the rest of the ingredients and knead the dough in a dough mixer for 10–15 minutes. Let the dough rise while covered at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Roll out the dough so it is about 3 mm (1/8 in) thick and 30 cm (12 in) wide. Spread the room-temperature butter on top. Make a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it over the dough. Roll the dough the long way and cut the roll into about 25 slices. Place them with the cut edge upward in paper molds. Place on a baking sheet and let rise under a towel for about 60 minutes or until the buns have doubled in size.

Beat together the egg and water, brush the mixture carefully on the buns and sprinkle pearl sugar on top. Bake in the oven (220°C/425°F) for 5–6 minutes. Allow to cool on a rack.

Conversions and abbreviations

1 g = 1 gramme = 1/1,000 of a kg

1 kg = 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds (lb)

1 dl = 1 decilitre = 100 millilitres (ml) = 1/10 of a litre = 0.4 US cup

1 litre = 10 dl = 0.9 UK quart (qt) = 1.06 US liquid quart

1 fl oz, UK = 1 fluid ounce = 1/33 UK quart = 30 ml

1 fl oz, US = 1/32 US qt = 28 ml

1 lb = 16 oz = 450 ml

1 tsp = 1 teaspoon = 1/6 oz = 5 ml

1 tbsp = 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons = 1/2 oz = 15 ml

°C = degrees Celsius

°F = degrees Fahrenheit




Summer Opening Hour 2022

Summer is here.

Our office and warehouse is open but with limited resource. Email us for more info order@siluett.se

The production is close from 18th-30th July 2022. We deliver only on stock items .

Have a nice summer!

Christmas present this year

christmas siluett of sweden

This year Siluett of Sweden AB donate christmas present to Barncancerfonden, a non-profit organization working on research for cancer dedicated to children. It has been our tradition for years to donate for charity instead of sending christmas presents.

Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear from Siluett team, thank you for this year!


Siluett presenterar Biopap en världsunik nyhet

BIOPAP®-formarna är biologiskt nedbrytbara, komposterbara, återvinningsbara som kan förseglas med olika typer av miljövänliga lock så som biofilm eller hårda lock.

Kundunika formar och lock med brett temperaturintervall vilket ger stort användningsområde från frys till ugn och micro.

Tillverkas med 100% naturlig fiber i material från den skandinaviska skogen. Anpassad för såväl industri, catering, restauranger, take-away, som hushållsbruk.

Kontakta oss för mer information.

Christmas and New year Opening hours


Christmas is approaching!

This year has been a very different year for all of us, the covid situation has been unpredictable and constantly changing.

All the information below may be subject to change depends on the development of the situation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warehouse & Office  : close  24th -25th December 2020, 31 st- 1st January 2021

Production is on limited activity from 21st December2020 -11th January 2021


Thank you,

Information concerning corona pandemic

Siluett informs about immediate actions taken to secure our employees and our production due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dear Partner,

Siluett would like to inform you about our immediate actions to secure our employees and our production and sales.

At the start of the corona virus pandemic, we immediately implemented and further strengthened our already existing hygiene, quality and safety routines.
These actions are all in effect and will be so until further notice.
We already had routines in place via ISO 9001, ISO14000 and FSSC 22000. But with the current situation we have further strengthened with the following rules/routine changes as a precautionary measure.


Keep very good hygiene.

Keep away from each other security area at least 1,5 meter.

All employees who feel symptoms should stay home from work and contact the health care service, and have a Covid-19 test carried out with negative result, before returning to work.

Business travel.

Business travel and person to person meetings may only be made if they are deemed critical to our operations.

Private travel.

If you have travelled privately to the risk area, a 14 day quarantine applies before you can return to work. Healthcare should be contacted for Covid-19 test and further quarantine decisions.

Office work.
In cases where this can be arranged, the work should be done remotely.


Visit Siluett

Visits are only accepted if it is critical to our business.


No drivers may stay in our premises other than on the loading dock.

Hired staff and services/sub contractors.

The same rules/guidelines apply for hired staff as for Siluett’s own staff.

This information will be updated as soon as any new information is available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and would like to have our support and service.


Sommar Stängt

Bästa Kund!

Snart är det semester igen. Vi vill därför informera Er om vår semesterplanering fö 2020.

Produktion: vi kommer att hålla stängt veckorna 28,29,30,och 31.

Vårt Kontor och lager : vi kommer att hålla stängt veckorna 29 och 30.

För ej lågerhållna artiklar, vänligen beställ så snart som möjligt innan semesterperioden till order@siluett.se. Order som vi får in till och med veckan 23 levereras om möjligt före semester.

Order som vi får in veckan 24 och senare kan ej garanteras leverans innan semestern.

Vi bekräftar som vänligt med leveransdatum på order bekräftelsen.

Vi önskar Er alla en riktigt fin sommar och en trevlig semester.

Norrlands Bagerimässan 2019

Kom och träffa oss på höstens stora händelse för hela bageri- och kondi­torbranschen!

Norrlands Bagerimässan genomförs 8-9 Februari på Noliamässan i Umeå. Kom gärna förbi vår monter på plats 28
Här kommer vi bjuda på massor av vårinspiration!

Hoppas vi ses!